Omega Power is raising $8.6M
through the sale of 205 Units at
$42,000 per Unit, consisting of
100,000 shares of the Company's
common stock at a price
of $0.42 per share.

Company Overview

  • Omega Power was formed to acquire a disruptive battery technology (NanoSponge™) that solves the most pressing problem in the battery industry over the last 40 years: the limits of Li-ion energy capacity; and consumer frustration of mobile device users everywhere – the loss of battery life.
  • Lab tests have demonstrated that NanoSponge™ Electrodes are 40% better than our nearest competitor and 100% better than standard battery products resulting in 2-3X extended run times.
  • Omega Power plans to commercialize this technology through demonstrations of working prototypes to our OEM customers and partner with their strategic battery manufacturers to gain market share.

The Market Opportunity

Batteries have always been a critical design feature for everything from handheld tools to computers, mobile phones and from interruptible power supplies to satellites. For years, research has been ongoing to increase energy density (the amount of energy in a given size and weight). With every technological advancement, battery capabilities have been a priority.

The global Li-ion Battery market for Mobile Phones alone was valued at $44.8 billion in 2020 and will reach $55.1 billion by 2027. Through its world-class team and fast-path commercialization of lithium battery technologies, Omega Power is positioned to win in 2022 and beyond.

The Problem: Li-ion Batteries Nearing Performance Limits

Li-ion and lead acid battery systems have challenges and limitations. Storing electrical energy in an economical way remains one of our yet unresolved challenges in modern society. The saying goes, “Every 1% improvement in battery performance widens battery applications by 10%.”
A simple guideline reveals: “The cost of energy doubles when stored in a battery for reuse.” Rechargeable lithium metal batteries have been regarded as one of the most attractive high-energy-density batteries due to their large specific capacity.
However, the uncontrollable Li dendrite growth and the resulting unstable interfaces during repeated Li plating/stripping are susceptible to severe safety issues and short cycle life, which are aggravated at a high current density.
Li-ion battery technology has progressed significantly over 40 years – but the best Li-ion batteries are nearing their performance limits, so Lithium Metal utilization is vital for power hungry applications in our 5G and EV expanding world.

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Omega Power is raising up to $8.6M through the sale of up to 205 Units at Forty-Two Thousand ($42,000) Dollars per Unit (the “Offering”), where each Unit consists of 100,000 shares of the Company’s common stock at a price of $0.42 per share.


The Offering is being made to qualified (accredited only unless under Reg S exemption) investors pursuant to an exemption from registration under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of Section 403(a)(2) of the Securities Act.

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