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Omega Power is an innovative battery R&D company commercializing next-generation lithium-metal battery electrodes for broad-scale use across various industries and will be commercialized for consumer electronics, aerial drones, and high-end EV markets.

NanoSponge™ Technology

A New Breed of Electrodes

The Omega Power patented NanoSponge™ completely replaces graphite and comes as a drop-in, spooled, copper foil electrode product to allow existing large-scale battery manufacturers to easily upgrade their lithium-ion battery production lines to safe, rechargeable, lithium-metal battery technology providing 50% greater energy density without having to make a multi-billion-dollar capital investment.


A World Class Team

Our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Daniel Hashim, honorably recognized in Forbes 30 under 30, as the NanoSponge™ inventor, is joined by world-renowned researchers from select universities and Polaris Battery Labs through a joint development project with Omega Power to further develop our battery for commercialization.


Our Offerings

Our Series A Offering for $25M is now underway. It gives investors an opportunity to finance the pilot-scale cell assembly production line of our battery product for our drone and consumer electronic OEMs.

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